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Organic fair trade ecuador origin dark chocolate 90% without Cocoa butter

Dark 90% cocoa


New product 2016! A dark chocolate with cocoa beans from Ecuador, without added cocoa butter. A powerful taste with fruity or floral flavours !
Organic fair trade ecuador dark chocolate

Dark 80% COCOA


A sensational experience for chocolate lovers. With no added butter, surprisingly rich and aromatic, this 80% cocoa solids chocolate combines both floral flavours (jasmine, rose) and strong flavour of cocoa. We call it “The gold seed”.

Dark 75% COCOA

São Tomé & Principe

Fruity and full-bodied, this chocolate is made with 100% Sao Tome & Principe cocoa beans. Sao Tome was once called “The Chocolate Island” and this chocolate will surprise you with its firm aromatic richness, its voluptuousness and its balance in the mouth.

Dark 70% COCOA

A characterful chocolate 70% cocoa solids made with cocoa beans from our different origins. Its mouth feel is rich and lingering with mild acidity. Very pleasing !
Organic fair trade dark chocolate witz hazelnuts

Dark 66% COCOA

with caramelized hazelnuts

Soft and fruity dark chocolate manufactured with cocoa beans from Sao Tome & Principe (the chocolate island) associated with pieces of hazelnuts carefully caramelized to accentuate the crisp of this greedy chocolate...

Dark 61% COCOA

with caramelized cocoa beans

The smoothness of dark chocolate combined with the originality of caramelised cocoa nibs. A crunchy pleasure!
Organic Fair Trade Dark Chocolate Orange KAOKA

Dark 55% COCOA


A mixture of dark chocolate with subtle tones associated with the aroma of mild Sicilian oranges… A true delicacy.

Dark 55% COCOA

With raspberry

Soft and fruity dark chocolate manufactured with a blend of cocoa beans from our different origins associated with pieces of dried raspberry. For lovers of red fruit...

Dark 70% COCOA

with fleur de sel

Discover the crunch of fleur de sel combined to our 70% chocolate from the Dominican Republic. A compelling addictive mix!
Organic Fair Trade Dark Chocolate Crepe Dentelle KAOKA

Dark 55% COCOA

with Buttery crispy crêpes

Dark fondant chocolate mingles deliciously with the scents of crêpes dentelles and the delicacy of puff pastry. Give in to this new crispy delicacy!
Organic Fair Trade Dark Chocolate Cranberries Cereals KAOKA

Dark 66% cacao

with Cranberries & Cereals

The swwetness of Sao Tome pure origin chocolate reveals pieces of cranberries with a delicious fruity notes, enhanced by crispy corn flakes .
Organic Fair Trade Chocolate Cranberries Cereals

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