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For over 20 years, KAOKA carries out an innovative approach


Kaoka une implication avec les producteurs

icone terre A long-term commitment,
icone terre A close partnership with cocoa growers,
icone terre A strategy of sustainable development.
KAOKA guarantees to producers of cocoa a price higher than market price giving value to their work.

However, a better price to producers is not a sufficient condition in the true fair trade.

“In my opinion, fair trade is a logic of development”,
said André Deberdt, founder of KAOKA.

“It is this a logic that ultimately allows the producer to make a living from his work. We must roll up our sleeves and get involved in a partnership with producers toward the preservation of rural economic activities so that everyone might live in the environment he has chosen. Fair trade, this is it. The rest is all rubbish. “

Following the death of André Deberdt, victim of a sudden malaria, Maria and Guy are taking over with the same common fundamental values and the know-how of Kaoka.

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