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BIO EQUITABLE is the label of BIO PARTENAIRE association, used by companies in partnership with producers from emerging or developing countries. Established in 2002 under the initiative of several companies, among whose KAOKA, Bio Partenaire association brings together firms that are committed to restore a balance in global trade and to act in favour of sustainable development.


BIO EQUITABLE label of BIO PARTENAIRE is a guarantee for consumers.

It is granted on the basis of the respect of the EFT Standard of ECOCERT ENVIRONNEMENT and is the object of an annual control by the third party independent organization.

Engaged in development projects defined over several years, companies which are members of the BIO PARTENAIRE Association actively involve in the preservation of the rural economic structure and ecosystems.

Andre Deberdt, creator of Kaoka has been the Chairman of Bio Partenaires for over 10 years

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