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1 Fidelity
Faithful to the historical commitment of our family company in the value chains that we structured, our familial company is engaged in long term relationships with cocoa producers on the ground.
2 The Organic and Fairtrade approach
As a funding member of the NGO Bio Partenaire, Kaoka is fully committed in the defense of fundamental value of Organic and Fairtrade approach, aiming at turning environmental- and social-friendly agriculture a reality.
3 The Excellence
Kaoka is committed at every step of the manufacture of its products, from cocoa pod to the chocolate bars, in order to guarantee the Excellence of its chocolates.
4 The innovation
In a world dominated by big multinational groups, Kaoka has put innovation at the core of its identity in order to make consumer discover lost aromas of original cocoa.
5 Respect
Because we are convinced that real fair trade cannot exist without respect, Kaoka cares to establish strong and respectful relationships with all stakeholders of the value chain, our employees, our suppliers and our consumer.
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